I may be a little late to the party, but I like to take my time in the New Year and use January for thinking and setting my goals for the year to come.


I have to step back from the euphoria of celebrating the New Year and from thinking that I can achieve anything and everything that didn’t work out in 2016.

Those big goals need to be put in perspective.

So I turn them into smaller and more achievable ones.


I go from

“finally be happy”


“look after myself and do things for my wellbeing”


“build my dream body and feel confident in everything I want to wear”


“do my 3 Workouts a week and feel great afterwards”


“be the perfect student who revises every day”


“at least reach the monthly To Dos”

And when the exams are around the corner the stress won’t  be too overwhelming.


There is only one goal that I won’t change up or compromise about and that is to respect myself and always do everything to be the best version of myself.

This point is truly important for me as I didn’t always live by it in the past.

I want to listen to my heart, my body and my mind and do anything that is best for my health even if that means to take a break or to reach an important goal a little bit slower.

You want to know why?

In the long run my mental state and my health are worth more than any success.


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