Productivity Hacks

9 Tips How To Work/Study More Efficiently

When exams are just around the corner I tend to get a little stressed out. It seems like I didn’t study enough – which even might be true sometimes – like I don’t have any time left and I don’t remember a single word from the pages and pages that need to be put into my little head.

When I get stressed out like this my brain decides to deny the fact that it needs to function and completely shuts down.

Of course this can’t happen and since my first exam I’ve developed – or forced myself into – a few habits that I’d like to share with you.



1. no pressure

Although I need a little bit of time pressure to fully evolve into my study motivated self, too much will be contra productive.

Don’t set too high goals for one day. Don’t be disappointed if it takes a little bit longer to read a chapter or if you have to read it twice to understand it completely.

You’ll see: With a relaxed mind you’ll accomplish more than expected and maybe you’ll even have an extra day to pamper yourself before the exam.

2. plan your day

As I am a really chaotic person personality-wise, I’m all about planning and organisation to counteract this character trait

Especially when it comes to exam preparation my head gets so messed up, that I would end up doing nothing if every step and every hour of the day wasn’t planned out in detail.

Firstly I plan out what I need to accomplish every single day to get everything revised in the time left. In this case it would be eleven days until the big exam. I made myself a overview and wrote down the tasks for the four courses I have to learn plus a section for a studying app that I use. For example I’ll revise one chapter per course and repeat the chapters with the app.

In addition I plan my day of course. Therefore I use my much-loved Passion Planner. On the weekly/daily spread you can plan your day by the hour so I start with waking up and add every step from taking a shower and getting ready to breakfast and coffee. Then I set the time where I will start studying and dinner time as this represents the end of “work” and the beginning of the more chilled part of the day. To not feel too restricted I like to add little things like breaks, time for a quick meditation or a little snack.

I also like to write down how long every chapter or step takes so I can improve the next day’s planning.



3. take breaks

When you are feeling overwhelmed by the workload or just getting a little bit tired, don’t force yourself to go on as your brain will shut down eventually.

Better step back and take a five minute break.

4. drink water

Your brain can’t work properly when you forget to stay hydrated. The best thing is to always have a water bottle by your side and even set timers or use a water app.

5. eat

Just as your brain needs water, eating well is so important for you to be able to concentrate. So after a good breakfast try to plan a few little snacks maybe some fruit or a yoghurt in between and enjoy a good dinner to end the day right.


6. fresh air

As already said breaks are essential for overcoming a motivational down or sudden tiredness. Better than just taking a simple break is to stand up and go outside – even if it’s only the balcony or garden – to get some oxygen in your system and wake up your mind and body.

7. breathing

I learned that taking your time to just breathe in and out for a few minutes can be extremely calming, especially when times are stressy


8. pamper time

After a successful day of studying it’s important to reward yourself with a little bit of me time. So when you finally battled that workload don’t spend another second on thinking about it for the rest of the day.

Instead think about something you could enjoy this evening and just do it! For example take a long bath, do a face mask, listen to some music, drink a nice cup of tea or watch an episode of your favourite TV show.

This time – even if it’s only an hour – at the end of the day finally allows your brain to shut down and get tired so you can refill your resources while sleeping. -which is the next point

9. sleep

Last but not least one of the most important things in life: a good night sleep

Although I’m sitting here at 02:50 am not listening to my own advice, I’m sure of the fact that there are not many things that affect your health and also your life in general more than your sleep. I have struggled with sleeping problems for so many years now and still try to get into a routine that works for me and helps me to get the sleep that I need.


I hope that some of these tips will be of use for anyone out there.

Of course they don’t only apply to studying but can be transferred to any kind of work that needs a little bit of structure and which you need all of your resources for.


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10 thoughts on “Productivity Hacks

  1. These are such great tips! I got a daily planner for this year and tried to write in it as much as possible but I have a problem with sticking to plans (even tho I love planning into details so much). When it comes to drinking water I forget about it and it would really be useful to have a bottle all the time by your side.

    Thanks for sharing this post with me on Twitter. I’ll try to take some baby steps and stick more and more to the day to day plan. It’s hard when I don’t have a habit of learning but it might come with time.

    Have a great day

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow what a nice comment! I think it’s the first proper comment I got, feeling so happy right now. Glad that you like it and hopefully it works out for you. The most important thing is to not get unmotivated if you forget to write everything in the planner one week, just continue the following week! Have a nice day! xxx


  2. So true! Pampering yourself is exceptionally important. It’s so easy to get so caught up with being “busy” that we don’t have time to take care of ourselves. If we don’t nourish ourselves how can we expect to get our best work done? Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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