New Beauty Loves

Recent Beauty Purchases That Made It Into My Routine

Since most of my money is spent on either food or make up I thought it was time that I started turning this addiction into something productive and wrote about the products that made it into my make up bag. All of the following products are new bits and bobs that I bought over the last few weeks and although I haven’t used them for too long it’s been long enough to build an opinion.

NYX total control drop foundation in vanilla

I really struggle with finding the right foundation because my skin is both, far too pale and absolutely problematic. So I asked the nice shop assistant at the NYX Store if she could apply the foundation on my face for me to see if I like it or not. Actually I do this all the time when I’m shopping for make up because I hate the feeling of using the new products  at home and be disappointed.

1 Foundation

This foundation is super buildable and they have tons of different shades, which is always a pro. I usually buy the lightest shade but here the colour vanilla matches my skintone best. The finish is kinda matt/satin like but doesn’t make your face look flat and feels light on the skin. For durability it’s not bad and tends to last for couple of hours but you’ll need to touch it up a little during the day. All in all it’s a great foundation though!

NYX illuminator in ritualistic


I’ve been using this for the last week and I’m kinda in love with this product!

Usually I prefere a shimmery highlight over a glittery one, but I really enjoy using this one as it’s the perfect mixture of both.


It gives your look a nice glowy touch and I’m sure you could use more product and even achieve the my-nose-glows-brighter-than-your-future-look that you find all over instagram.

NYX tame&frame tinted brow pomade in espresso

I’m not the best at doing my brows and I’m not bothered too much about them to be honest, but I want to get into it and so I needed a product that is easy to use and gets the job done.


My brows are naturally very dark and I get them threaded professionally every 3 to 4 weeks as otherwise they would grow around my head like a headband. So they usually are in a good shape and only need some definition.

To avoid edding eyebrows I got the shade espresso which is much lighter than my actual brows but seems to be perfect for that filled and defined look.

One tip the shop assistant gave me was to put some product on the back of your hand first and then apply it from there for more control over the pigmentation and because the product tends to dry out very quickly.

Long story short: I LOVE IT!

MAYBELLINE eyestudio lasting drama 24 h gel eyeliner in 01 black

Ok, to be honest this product doesn’t even need a big ramble because it’s that good, but anyway…

The beautiful Katie mentioned the Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock Gel Liner here and because her eyeliner game is always on fleek I wanted to buy it straight away. But with my luck the local drugstore didnt’t sell it so I got this one from the lasting drama range instead.


It comes in a pot and includes a brush with a precision and a smudge end and although it’s pretty decent to use I tend to stick to my zoeva 317 wing liner brush to be honest. The product applies smoothly, the colour is well pigmented and it stays on all day without moving anywhere. Seriously, I slept with my make up on the other day – which I shouldn’t do, I know – and I woke up with a perfect winged liner still.

I used to wear winged liner everyday a few years ago and I think I’m back into it because of this product!

Well, this was my first ever beauty related post and since I don’t really know what I’m doing I’m open to any kind of feedback or tips you have to offer, just be kind please! 😀

I hope you enjoyed the read and as always I’d love to hear if you tried some of the products or if you have any questions, so please feel free to get in touch!


Products that I mentioned:

NYX Foundation:

NYX Highlighter:

NYX Brow Gel:


Zoeva 317 Brush:

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  1. I’m sure a huge fan of NYX cosmetics so thank you for the recommendations here! I also love the maybeline gel, its so long lasting !

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