Afternoon Tea @ Harrods

Time For Some Tea

I can’t stop talking about my AMAZING trip to London and you might already be sick of it, but well that’s your bad because today I wanted to talk about the fabulous afternoon tea we had at The Georgian at Harrods.


To go for traditional afternoon tea was one of the things I wanted to do at all costs (literally as it was quite expensive), so after we strolled through the beautiful halls of Harrods we went to one of their restaurants, The Georgian, and ordered 3 afternoon teas, which included finger sandwiches, scones, different jams, pastries, a Harrods trifle and a pot of tea for each one of us. You could also order refills for the sandwiches or the pastries if  you liked.

So we started with sandwiches, from which the salmon ones where to die for, so I had to order more of those after finishing the first round. After the refill we went straight on to scones, they where still warm and so delicious. It was the first time for me to have them and it for sure wasn’t the last time.


The best thing about this whole experience was the live pianist! Firstly he played beautiful piano versions of popular pop songs which we enjoyed very much, we may or may not have danced a little (on our seats, while sitting, who do you think we are?!). But then after he finished he came over to our table and told us how happy he was seeing somebody actually enjoying his music and talked to us for a few minutes. This seriously made our day! And on this note my little advice: If you see somebody playing music, making art, or doing anything great really, tell them, smile, show them, it could make their day and the feeling of that will make yours!


Yes, £42 each might be a little bit expensive and I wouldn’t spend that much money on tea and sandwiches every week but for my first afternoon tea and as ending to this amazing day in London it was perfect and totally worth it!

Where is your favourite place to have afternoon tea? Have you been to one of the restaurants in Harrods?

Let’s chat in the comments or via twitter!



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43 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea @ Harrods

  1. I have been to the park lane hotel, palm court for a champagne afternoon tea. £46 but got champagne & another round of sandwiches included in that. Sooo good!

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  2. I’ve seen afternoon teas in London that are priced much more than this and they don’t look as good! I have been to Harrods for dinner before, but will definitely have to return for an afternoon tea. My mum would love this! xx

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  3. These look so gorgeous! I must check out this venue, the live pianist is a nice touch – I hear The Shard in London do some great afternoon tea (with a great view too) I’m heading there in a few weeks, very excited! Lovely post x

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  4. I’ve been to Harrods and I’ve seen the afternoon tea area – I really wanted to go in! But, like you said, it costs so much ahaha! But this post made me so happy, especially the part about the man playing the piano. That was so sweet.

    Meg x |

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  5. The price is a bit steep! But it is London so it can be expected! I’m so jealous it all looks absolutely delicious Yella! Your photos definitely do it justice! I’m so happy you enjoyed your time over here 💛

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  6. It’s one my favorite places in the world. I’ve been there for a lunch or a dinner but never for an afternoon tea. This will be an excellent excuse to go there tomorrow :). Loved your pictures.
    PS I hope the same pianist will be there tomorrow. Can’t wait.

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  7. Oh my gosh, that looks amazing! I went for a few lush afternoon teas while in England over the past few years, but I never made it to the Georgian at Harrod’s. I’m forever on the hunt for a nice café or place for afternoon tea in Michigan, but I haven’t found much. x

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