Brunch at Farm Girl Café

…and a beautiful day in London

After reading Maria’s post about instagrammable places in London I had to go to Farm Girl. Not only do I live for brunch but I am also guilty of obsessing over anything that looks pretty in photos.

yella hawk farm girl cafe london 7yella hawk farm girl cafe london 6

So on a lovely and very sunny day in London I dragged Laura and Hannah to Notting Hill to have brunch there. We quickly found the cute Cafe on Portobello Road located near the Notting Hill Gate station and were kind of starving already when we arrived. Although the queue was quite long we got offered a table outside pretty fast which was great since the weather was amazing.

yella hawk farm girl cafe london 5yella hawk farm girl cafe london 4yella hawk farm girl cafe london 3

I went for the avocado on toast with a poached egg (THE blogger cliché I know, but it looked so good on the pictures..) and the pancakes of course to share with the others. I also ordered the most beautiful red matcha latte. The taste wouldn’t be for everybody I guess but I really enjoyed it. The girls also got some eggs and we sat there for about an hour before we got on with our very planned out day. The food was absolutely delicious and I would highly recommend checking out the cafe when you’re in that area.

yella hawk farm girl cafe london 8yella hawk farm girl cafe london 2

After leaving we wandered around the Notting Hill area (I wish I could move there) for a while and took the underground to Camden Town next as we really wanted to have a stroll through Camden market. I honestly loved everything there as it’s the perfect mixture of cute little shops and countless market stands where you can buy anything from vinyls and jewellery to alternative clothing and vintage cameras. Unfortunately I ended up buying nothing but an earring as there were maybe too many things to pick from and I couldn’t decide. And since it started raining we decided on taking a uber to Knightsbridge where I had to return a piece from Topshop that I bought the day before and we wanted to go to Harrods afterwards. You can check out what we did there in my last post!

yella hawk notting hill london

This whole day was just the perfect way to spend our last day in London and although I didn’t see the Buckingham Palace or the London Eye I wouldn’t change it as we had so much fun and I was really sad when Laura and Hannah had to leave for their train.

Have you been to Farm Girl? What are your favourite breakfast and brunch places?

I really hope you enjoyed this post, please let me know in the comments!


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