Blog Post Must Reads

August Edition

So my always inspirational girl Lauren from tweeted that she wanted to start a series where she shares her favorite bloggers and blog posts of the month. Since I wanted to do something like this for ages but never thought of writing about single posts instead of whole blogs in general, which I didn’t want to do, this gave me the perfect motivation to start this series on my little blog and spread some positivity by sharing posts that either inspired me in any kind, I really enjoyed reading or have been stuck in my head for any other reason.

For the August edition I picked out 5 posts, published last month, written by some of my favorite bloggers out there, which I think you must definitely read. These are in no particular order but since Lauren was the one who inspired me to do this in the first place, I’m going to begin with her post.


by Lauren from

I loved Lauren’s blog for her fashion and beauty posts but in this post she’s done something a little bit different. It’s more like a little ramble where she talks about wanting to change up the direction of her blog to make it more fun for herself again. It’s so important to not lose focus of the fun part of blogging while doing what you think others expect of you. It’s much more satisfying to just blog about what you feel like blogging about. While I think it’s really brave to admit you’re struggling with thinking of new content and being honest about not enjoying it at the moment, this post got me so excited about what she’ll come up with next because I know it will be great.


by Rosie from

This post seriously made me laugh (maybe it made me cry a little too) so much and I saw myself in almost every sentence. I mean who doesn’t love a good laugh? All we want these days is to be relatable, isn’t it? Well this one is relatable af and you really should give it a read! I related to it so much that I’ll probably do my own version of the post at some point.


by Victoria from

It would be a big statement to say this is my favourite post ever published by Victoria as everything she puts out is truly amazing but I have a feeling that it actually is. The imagery of course is absolutely stunning as it always is but I feel like she took it to te next level with this one. The editing, the scenery, the outfits, her freaking beautiful face. I kind of want to frame everything and but it on the walls of a gallery. And that’s only the pictures. Her writing always amazes with her unique style and eloquence and she seems to just nail every topic she writes about. I honestly think her admitting to her flaws and honestly reflecting on her faults is what makes her so perfect in the end.


by Katie from

I love Katie and everything she does and I’m really happy that I can call her my friend. She usually writes more about beauty related things but in this post she decided to go a little bit more personal and get some of her thoughts out. I like these kinds of post because firstly I think it’s very healthy to reflect on your life and mindset by writing down exactly what you think is going on and what’s not like you’d like it to be. Secondly I’m way too noisy and always want to know what’s going on in people’s heads and what they’re struggling with or what they’re happy about, I WANT TO KNOW IT ALL.. So posts like this one give me the perfect inside on people’s minds which is very satisfying for my weird self.

“Where have you been? Nerja.”

by Maria from

First I wanted to include Maria’s post “If i lived life according to Vogue” (the sass here is amazing!) but since it wasn’t published in August I decided on not breaking my rules for this series in the first post already and chose this one instead. I love traveling and I love travel related content, in this post what I liked the most got to be the photos. Maria included everything from food and shots of her beautiful self to photos of the bright white walls in Nerja and the ocean. She also captured so many little details which literally let’s you see her holiday through her own eyes.

Hopefully you liked this little round-up and will check out the posts. I’d love to read about your favourite blog posts of the month in the comments. Also leave any suggestions for blogs I should keep an eye on for next month’s post!


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*DISCLAIMER* The pictures included in this post are either screenshots of the mentioned blogs or photos I got permission for using in this post. I do not own any of those pictures and the linked bloggers hold the full copyrights.


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