The New Addition To Your Autumn Shower Routine

Turn Your Shower Into A Spa

ft. the RITUALS… shower foams

My shower routine is very important to me. Most people will associate taking long baths with switching off and treating themselves and as much I love a good bath, showering is way more present in my day to day life. It’s this ritual you have everyday that is only for you, where you prepare your body and mind for the day and get your thoughts clear. Or equally important, to wash off the stressful day when you come home and get yourself ready for a calm evening and good night sleep.

You might think I’m a weirdo now, which I probably am, but I take my shower routine very seriously. Hence why I love discovering new products that could make that part of my day even more special and comforting.


 After over two years my bf’s parents know me well enough to know how to treat me and got me a pack of four RITUALS… shower foams which I was thrilled about of course. So I thought if I liked them I’d write a sweet little post on them.

And yes, you guessed right, I liked them.

So the little package I got contains four different travel sized shower foams and although those are not the only ones they do,  you still get a pretty good overview of the range.

I tried out the following foams:

“The Ritual of Dao”

“The Ritual of Sakura”

“Happy Buddha”

“Yogi Flow”



Shower foams have been around for a while and after using these ones I absolutely get why they are so popular. It’s just something so much more special about using a foam rather than a normal gel. The foams are very easy to use but give you a luxurious feeling at the same time which is mostly owed to the amazing scents. Not to forget how smooth they feel on the skin. When you close your eyes you could definitely mistake your shower at home for a spa and who wouldn’t want that?! But let me warn you, you might take a lot more time in the shower because you won’t want to leave anymore..

Pro tip: The products work perfectly as shaving foam too so you have one product less to buy. Amazing, right?



I thought my favourite scent would be the SAKURA one, which contains rice milk and cherry blossom, but now after using all of them I’m undecided between SAKURA and DAO, which has white lotus and yi yi ren in it. That’s one thing I love about RITUALS… they put so many special ingredients into their products, which you won’t find with every other brand. You seriously need to smell them! I mean it’s personal preference probably, but still. Maybe I should repurchase both of them and then decide..

I could try and describe every single scent to you, but I think that’s just impossible. And to be honest, everything smells differently to different people so you should better go and make up your mind yourself.

Anyway I could ramble on but this is the main information I wanted to give you about the RITUALS… shower foams, so alongside changing up your shower routine for autumn and winter with something more intense and comforting, you can turn your shower into a spa and bring that rich and luxe feeling onto your skin as well.


Make sure to let me know if you’ve already tried other RITUALS… products and if you going to try out the shower foams! I’d love to know which ones you like best in the comments!


Check out the products I mentioned:

RITUALS… Shower Foam “DAO”


RITUALS… Shower Foam “Happy Buddah”

RITUALS… Shower Foam “Yogi Flow”

→ → → → They do travel sizes as well!

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