Blog Post Must Reads

September Edition

Hello there again and happy October – I know I’m a little late to the party, but still – everyone!

I seriously can’t believe we’re 12 days into October already, the last month – or was it the whole year? – flew by so quickly, it’s almost scary.

Well, the good thing is: new month, new monthly round up of blog posts I’ve been loving. September was a little stressful for me which resulted in me not having too much time to keep up with blogs but I still managed to stumble across some gems you must absolutely check out.

So without further rambling let’s get straight into my sweet little list of blog posts you must read.


by Em from

I’ve been a huge lover of EmTalks since I’ve first discovered Em a little over a year ago. I love how down to earth and real she is and how she engages with followers and other bloggers. She also never forgets to cheer at others succeeding and is just a very lovely person in general. Another thing that made me follow all of her platforms instantly is her very well balanced take on health and fitness. She’s all about killing it at the gym and fuelling your body right but also isn’t afraid to admit her love for pizza or chocolate. In her words: “Balance is key”.

The post that caught my eye this month touches this topic too. Her post “Refreshing my fitness goals for October” follows up “#EmsChallenge” introduced by her in September and manifests some essential tips on how to integrate those fitness habits into your daily life, like for example keeping a diary – which I believe in for any cause really – but read for yourself! This really spoke to me as my fitness routine has decreased to almost non-existent over the last months and I need and want to get back on track so badly – Em’s blog post finally gave me that last bit of much needed motivation!

“The mental minefield of dealing with weight gain”

by Sophie from

Sophie is s wonderful blogging friend whom I first met on Instagram (go follow her) and usually convinces with her beautiful outfit shots. What I love about her blog is how she combines fashion inspiration via her imagery with personal and often very relatable topics.

In this post she writes about “The mental minefield of dealing with weight gain” which, let’s be honest, is relatable AF. But jokes aside, I love how realistic Sophie’s take on the whole topic is and, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the body positivity vibes, but sometimes I want to be allowed to admit that I don’t like noticing I gained an extra belly roll and that’d prefer to lose it again ASAP. Soph gets this message across perfectly without it being body shaming or anti-body positive in any way. In her words “The most important thing anyone can do when trying to deal with weight gain in my opinion is try not to punish themselves for being human.” And that’s something so many people need to hear once in a while.

“Turning Your Blog Into A Brand”

by Scarlett from

I came across Scarlett’s platforms not too long ago when I was planning on visiting one of her blogger events earlier this year. Naturally I checked out all of her sites – I’m quite a noisy person – and followed all of them. I then even got to meet her at the #BloggersBall in London which was lovely as she was there the whole time and you could see how much passion and love for detail goes into her work.

I love it when bloggers, who have reached a point within their career where they feel confident and more experienced in this quite new field, take time out of their busy schedules and share their tips and tricks to help those just starting out or those who’ve been doing it for some time but  are still confused with all the opportunities a blog can bring along nowadays which wasn’t the case a few years ago. In this posts Scarlett talks about the most important steps when it comes to taking your blog to the next level and thinking of it as a possible career path. She talks about how essential it is to support others, embrace your true self and stay realistic in the process for example when it comes to “side hustles” and having more than one source of income. I agree with all of her statements and think her post would be very helpful for anyone who dreams or even plans on making their blog their business.

I’ve already said that last month was more stressful than usual and this month continues being the same but I still want to apologise for publishing this post a little later than promised and hope you’ve still enjoyed reading.

Please check out the mentioned posts and let me know if you love them as much as I do in the comment section or tweet me your favourite posts of October so I can include them in next month’s Blog Post Must Reads.


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*DISCLAIMER* The pictures included in this post are either screenshots of the mentioned blogs or photos I got permission for using in this post. I do not own any of those pictures and the linked bloggers hold the full copyrights.

4 thoughts on “Blog Post Must Reads

  1. Thank you SO much for including my post in this gal! So pleased to read your thoughts on it, particularly that you thought it was balanced as I was so aware of wanting it to be measured and not offensive! Lots of love xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

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