Organisation 101: Blogger Edition

6 Tools To Stay On Top Of Your Blogging Game


I’m a sucker for anything that’s going to help me stay organised and over the years I’ve tried pretty much everything from different planners to apps and found those that help me the most to stay on top of my to-do list. Since I found my love for blogging my to-do list grew a lot as it’s quite a time-consuming hobby and that’s why today I wanted to share my top 6 tools to help me organising my blogging but also uni, work and life in general.

Going back to the physical planner

I can’t even count how many different planners I’ve used in my life but I finally found the one. I’m using the Passion Planner for the second year now and I don’t think I ever want to live without it. I have the compact version which is perfect to pop into your handbag and have it with you no matter what. It has a monthly and a weekly spread plus personal and work to-do lists and sweet little extras like “places to visit”, “people to see” and a “not to do list”. I love the general concept of the planner as it’s all about motivation and focusing on yourself and your goals and has plenty of space to add your personal touch with printables or by creating extra pages like you’d do in a bullet journal or scrapbook. You should check out their website and Instagram, it’s a pretty awesome company to support as well. Another planner I have and love is the LifePlanner by Erin Condren. This one is a little bit more expensive and I haven’t been testing it out for that long but would definitely say that it’s a really good planner that’s worth looking into as well.

The app that changed my life

Let me introduce Week Plan to you: This app I only discovered a few weeks ago and it has already changed my life. It’s like a to-do list app but you can add different roles like “self”, “uni”, “blog”, “partner” etc. and categorize them by their urgency (urgent, important, urgent & important, none). The whole idea is to get an overview of your different “life-roles” and urgencies and to not neglect one of those. Like for example only do work stuff and forget your friends or only focus on the urgent tasks and completely forget about the important but not so urgent ones. The category “self” is there to help you to also remember things like breaks, meditation time, chill-time and see them as tasks like everything else.

Bleet – The App where bloggers meet (or the app we’ve all been waiting for)

Where are all my bloggers at? Because this will probably change our lives. You know the times when you wish you knew some local bloggers to help each other shoot blog photos or sit in a cute lil cafe together, type up some posts and not get judged for photographing your food before you start eating? Well with Bleet all our prayers have been answered. It’s a new app that is going to launch worldwide later this year and it’s designed to help us find like-minded people in our area and do all the blogging fun together. We all know how lonely blogging can get sometimes and it won’t have to be anymore with Bleet. You can already Pre-Signup on their page so when it’s all set up and launched you can get started immediately. I was lucky enough to get to BETA-test the app and SPOILER I already love it. This is seriously going to make organizing your blogging dates so much easier and help you get motivated, I CAN’T WAIT.

Follow them on Instagram and Twitter and stay up to date with their progress.


I love using the original calendar app on my iPhone. I  never used it until someone mentioned it in a YouTube video (can’t remember who, soorryy) and explained all the possibilities on there in detail. I love creating different calendars in different colours, kinda like with the different roles on the Week Plan app, and use all the features like travel time, alerts etc.. Another amazing feature is the invitees function, it’s great to schedule family events, for example, I’ll just add my Bf and it’ll sync with his calendar. Things like that just make me really happy (Yes, I’m aware of how boring that sounds).

Getting your thoughts out on the iNotes or into your WordPress drafts

My brain has this habit where it gets very creative when I’m about to go to sleep and thinks of thousands of ideas at once, which I most likely will have forgotten in the morning. In this day and age everyone always has their phones on them all the time so it’s best to pop any brain dump, ideas, or even paragraphs into your notes straight away and keep your brain from cluttering up. This helps me so much with creativity and motivation as otherwise I would think of 5 different post ideas at once while writing another one but if I take notes the moment something pops into my brain I can concentrate again and keep going with what I was doing before. Like right now while writing this post I suddenly got an idea for a completely different post so I opened my “brain dump draft” on WordPress and added it to the never-ending list of potential posts because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on this post and probably never finish it.

Treat yourself to some pretty notebooks

Although the notes app is more convenient for random thoughts you’ll have throughout the day I prefer a physical notebook for actual brainstorming or drafting ideas as it supports my creativity somehow. Like when I set myself some time to do blog work I like to properly sit down with a pretty (yes I like my stationary to be pretty) notebook, blast my favourite tunes and let the creativity flow. I tend to be far more productive this way and although I don’t often find the time to do it like this I feel like I’ve really accomplished something afterwards and I couldn’t recommend it enough.


Well, I know this is very much more blogging-focused but you could easily transfer most of these tips to any other part of your lives. Let me know what tools help you to stay organised and if you’re going to try any of the things I mentioned?


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9 thoughts on “Organisation 101: Blogger Edition

  1. i am looking for the info about how to organise, how to blog as i am new in this blogging world…. and you gave all the information that i need.. i use physical planner, too.. i love doing doodles and sketching, too… keep inspiring others…

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